Energy Healing Facilitator (EHF) Level One
"Taking the EHF level one course has changed my whole life! I am now happier and more connected to the "source". I am able to see that all things I have trouble with in my life.... are there because I have some inner work to do. EHF is amazing, there are no words good enough to describe it! I have been a Reiki Master since 2004 and this is the next right step for me. I can't wait for level two. Jinna is an amazing teacher. She makes you feel that there are no dumb questions. I recommend her course to everyone. Let's heal ourselves and our mother Earth together."  - Lilli Petersen, Reiki Master (Orangeville, Ont)
"I am a family physician who was introduced to Energy Healing by a patient of mine who had completed Level III of the course and had done an EHF session for me.  It was the most amazing experience I had ever had.  When the course was offered I took it and was impressed at the very latest information that Jinna was able to channel from Quan Yin, and that is always very satisfying.  (At this time I find myself yearning for more information regarding the upcoming earth changes.)  In the course, Jinna ensures that the healer and client's energies are respected at all times.  Ultimately, this is a service of love for our fellow human being in their personal goal for greater connection with their highest self.  By being a channel for universal energy to heal wounded or blocked chakras, we are able to assist in the achievement of this goal.  I thank Jinna for the opportunity to learn about these important New World concepts and how to put them into practice.  She is generous to teach us."  - Dr.Nadine Locas French MD (Orangeville, Ont)
"What can be said in human words about the EHF program? It lovingly offered me the very key to unlock the mysteries to the secret garden of my own soul. It allowed me to open unto myself. it awaits patiently with immense grace, always allowing its "students" to choose their path of self Mastery."  - Shelly Mcdonald, Reflexologist (Shelburne, Ont)

"When I took the EHF course I found it to be a very profound medium on a high spiritual level. It is very simple and yet very powerful and so subtle at the same time. I am excited at the prospect of exploring further this healing therapy to help others and myself. I am awed at the potential still waiting to be explored."  - Rosa Richter (Toronto, Ont)
"As an established Energy practitioner I found that the EHF healing modality was moving me into a much higher vibration. It enhanced my own personal growth and brought more understanding of he nature of our Divine Heart Source. Jinna is a highly qualified and intuitive teacher who shares her strong spiritual gifts with everyone around her. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is choosing to change their lives forever and move into the higher frequencies of Light."  - Marjana Padjan, Reiki Master, Yoga Master, Spiritual Counselor (Port Credit, Ont)
"We are always told, we must trust… Even though I committed to doing the EHF workshop last December, I was not aware what I signed up for, except that it was a workshop that I would take with a friend. As time got closer, I could feel the energy starting to prepare me and once I arrived, I was amazed at all the synchronicity that unfolded to get me ready for what was about to come. As a Reiki Master, I have gone to many different workshop in order to expand my knowledge but never one as intense as this one. Jinna’s loving heart encourages you to go deeper within yourself to access what has not been shown to you yet. Her light along with the tools she teaches us helps you to elevate to a higher dimension. My heart was looking for something more and the EHF modality not only allowed me to grow as a person but I will now be able to apply this new found healing technique in my own practice." - Manon La Rose, Reiki Master, Bilingual Customer Service Operations / Spécialiste en Opérations de Service à la Clientèle (Orangeville, Ont)

"I am not a healer, but I am attracted by all kinds of energy work. Taking the EHF course has been the right choice for me. What I love about it is its effectiveness, its subtlety, the softness with which the energy works, and yet its power. I have been using the technique on myself to recover from a serious illness, and I can tell you that it has helped me a lot. Learning with Jinna and the others in the group was a wonderful experience which has further opened me to healing and better knowing myself. I look forward to attending Level II."  - Anna M. Triolo (Trieste, Italy) 


"What would your life feel like if you could bring in the energy of Divine Mother to heal yourself with the gentle, loving touch of the compassionate mother? How would you feel if once you learned to bring this loving energy into yourself, you could also facilitate others to receive this divine, pure, unconditional love? Taking the EHF Level 1 certification course teaches you how to do both of these things. The energy moves to those places where healing is needed, sometimes allowing for deep emotional releases. Like any other energy healing modality, the person needs to be open to healing and accept responsibility for their own healing. If they do, amazing things can happen. I am a Level 2 Reiki practitioner and a Crystal Resonance Therapist. I found EHF to work better than these modalities at healing the emotional body on a conscious level. Perhaps it is just easier to heal our emotional wounds when we know that our mother is supporting us and with us in the process. I found this course to be so deep and very clear. Jinna creates a lot of fun and joy in her teaching style. I highly recommend this course for any Lightworker who is choosing to walk the path of ascension." - Deborah Goldman, Long Island New York)

Having put out an all call to the universe to please bring me a master alchemist that could match my energy - i was delighted to have met Jinna within 7 days of that request. I have waited to truly understand the process of assisting another being in healing. I found this level of information to be exceptional. The understanding of Reverse Refraction is paramount in the healing of the self for ascension. This new way for me to see the process of ascension and assisting as a facilitator for others is exciting. Jinna understands the unique nature of light and energy and applied to healing ourselves it is powerful work. There are two main components to Jinna's work.


One is to be of complete service to one-self, to ‘Heal Thyself’, to be the walking example of high vibration, to heal the self of all energies not benefiting the life of one’s own being. For one to ground this life in a specific very advanced way physically to one’s own soul star as well as the earth-star. This is a crucial component of the work and only when this is accomplished may one truly assist another in their own healing.


The Second is the advanced understanding of the 7 bodies and the healing and alignment of these bodies. The work with the etheric fields, the energy systems, the locks, keys and portals within the body brings a new understanding to me of the unity of the being. The table work in the class is fascinating and I could see with my eyes the profoundness this work. The advanced sequences are purposeful and used as codes to advance more deeply into the systems and energy of the body.

What impresses me the most is the sheer amount of kindness and honor that is brought for the sentient being on the table. I have done hypnotherapy, but this is the most benevolent way to bring traumas and beliefs from the body without the stories, the words, or anything else to possibly muddy the session.


Quan Shi Yin brings unconditional love to the table, and a different playing field for our own healing. Bless her and the universe for bringing her into my life.

Cindy Carter, North Carolina


Energy Healing Facilitator (EHF) Level Two
 "On my path of self discovery and being in touch with the Creator Light energy I met Jinna. After taking EHF level One I opened myself to the Advanced level. What a wonderful and peaceful energy it was. Through this course with a loving and caring facilitator and the interaction with all participants I was able to connect with my Higher Self within and was able to feel the higher Energy of vibration. I was able to release many layers of lower energies that did not serve me any longer. Jinna I am aso grateful to you for being a part of my life and thank you for the loving and caring open hearted person that you are."  - Danuta Smola (Waterloo, Ont)

 "I really enjoyed the Advanced EHF class. It really showed me how important it is as an EHF facilitator to work on my own personal growth and first to take care of myself. I could not effectively assist my clients any other way. The team work with the other participants created an awesome energy as we focus on our own healing, growth and expansion. A safe place was created to allow us to release our own old patterns, to safely open our throat chakras and to speak our truth. I admired the way the course was facilitated to allow the participants the opportunity to release at a deeper levels surrounded by a serene and peaceful environment. I look forward to continue my work and to enter EHF level three soon."  - Karin Goldgruber (North Bay, Ont)

 "I have attended the level one and level two of the EHF program and the Healing with Sound session. I find all of Jinna's classes very healing and rewarding. It helps me to still the mind and soothes the soul. I enjoy and resonate with the messages that she brings to us from the Goddess Quan Yin and consider Jinna a loving friend and spiritual Mentor. I also enjoy the enrgy meditation circles she guides for it helps me in my journey and I feel that it helps the planet as well."  - Shirley Davies (North Bay, Ont)
EHF Level three - Master Teacher's Level
"The teacher's course in the EHF program helped me to release many cultural layers of fear and prejudice. I was also given the opportunity to face many ego layers like competition and resentment which lead to greater understanding and acceptence of myself. i realized that the learning has just begun and I am excited about joining jinna in many more road trips towards wisdom and mastery." - Karin Goldgruber (North Bay, Ont)

"On my journey towards change and transformation I was bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information from various sources with a fast array of information and different modalities. It was a time filled with confusion until I took the 1st EHF courseIt felt right for me. The subsequent coursed continued to guide my path on this journey.The level 3 EHF Teacher's course was a humbling experience, especially when "ego" issues and other ingrained 3D habits with their strong roots were reluctant to release their hold on me. Focussing on one's own healing is both a painful and at the same time a rewarding experience as well. In appreciation, gratitude and thanksgiving."  - Luna Boon (Toronto, Ontario)

"I have participated in many of Jinna`s courses and have just recently finished the EHF Master Teacher`s Level. It took me a while to find the words to express how much deep personal, spiritual evolution I`ve gone through as a result of the EHF program. The personality that I thought I was when I began this journey with EHF Level One is not even recognizable to the spiritual being that I know I am now. EHF really allowed me to peel through some really deep and dark layers. I feel quite liberated and ready to share this in the new energy with the world!! I am honoured to have the opportunity to begin teaching in Bancroft and Peterborough in the fall of 2011."  - Monica Pierce-Lumley, Clairvoyant/Medium/Channel, EHF Master Teacher, Healing with Sound Practitioner, Meditation Facilitator

Healing with Sound 

"After taking the Sound Healing course I found that an energy Shift has occured within me. I felt more balanced and relaxed. this course has allowed me to see the many possibilities how the sound of tuning forks can be used for healing on myself and on others."  - Brenda Brooks (Port Loring, Ont)

Healing with Sound Teacher's Level 

"This course was an amazing, life changing experience again for me. I love how flexible, fluid and ever changing the modality is. It continues to grow, it is gentle and yet poerful. The tuning forks are very effective tools for the healing of the physical, emotionaland spiritual level of anyone who is ready and committed to grow, to change and to heal themselves. It is the leading edge in information and techniques. I hihgly recommend this course to anyone interested in different energy healing modalities."  - Karen Goldgruber (North Bay, Ont) 

EHF private healing session with Jinna.

I knew and felt right away that this was a safe place for me to do the continued work of releasing my body of the cellular attachments to memories, thoughts, beliefs and traumas.


As I lay on the table, a wave of energy was in the room, the room was awash with blue light, calming peaceful truthful light. I relaxed immediately and I could feel the hand movements and the energy being moved around me. As resistance was felt in my body, it was quickly released through breath, the angelic sounds from the tuning forks dissipated any lingering muddy energies. I did feel a huge tightening in my solar plexus and sacral area, which I realized was long lasting and very deep. With Jinna's guidance and calm stable presence, I was able to release through breathe and sound this long held feeling. I have had much trance work and trauma removal but this was different, it was kind, gentle, loving. The body then was calmed through sound to access the now clear gateway. I came away from this session with a lighter body, a lighter mind, and a lighter consciousness. My eyes changed color and my brightness was back. Having the energy of Quan Yin, the energy of complete unconditional love, the understanding and care of Jinna's presence allowed me to do what I have waited eons to do, to rid myself of oppressive energies held within my cells.

Cindy Carter, North Carolina