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Cover art by Gaelyn Larrick.
Quan Yin Speaks: Are you Ready?
Xlibris Corporation, 2014

"In this book, Quan Yin, through Shih Yin explains in simple understandable terms what this spiritual journey has been all about. It explains how we as spiritual volunteers descended into this three dimensional denseness while forgetting our connection to Divine Spirit. Upon this Earth we experience the effects of Duality, and eventually find our way back to whence we came. The journey has been difficult, but having finally passed the marker we are now in Ascension status and on our way home. The rate at which one ascends depends on one’s free will and intent. Quan Yin Speaks serves as a reference book, describing in simple detail, not only the work required, but the physical, mental and spiritual changes that one can expect to experience in the path of evolution towards Enlightenment. Although one may not consciously choose the Ascension path, all will experience the inevitable changes. This book will assist you to progress at a rate consistent with the amount of work you choose to invest towards your development." —The Hon. D. Kochi

"Dearest Shih Yin, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR BOOK.   What a treasure!  Quan Yin's messages compliment AA Michael's teachings in a beautiful and unique way. They are so compatible; however, she explains our journey in such a simple, yet profound way. I am thoroughly enjoying it--there are not very many new spiritual books I am drawn to these days." - Ronna Herman, Nevada, www.

"The Goddess Quan Yin is speaking and humanity would do well to listen! This is a work that imparts profound insight and understanding at a time when humanity is collectively awakening in spirit. Shih Yin is a gifted storyteller with a finely tuned heart and a deep Soul connection to the Goddess. Quan Yin Speaks is a culmination of a lifetime of this author’s devoted service to the Goddess realm as a teacher, writer and healer on the Earth Plane. I recommend this book – an invaluable guide for human enlightenment and to all people on the Ascension journey. Quan Yin Speaks encourages, inspires and instructs us on the homeward path." - Janirose Fenimore. California, Author of Lessons from an Earth Angel Series.

"With Shih Yin’s newest book, Quan Yin asks: “Are you ready?” A loving challenge is issued which taps into our deepest fears and our deepest hopes. As with her previous books, Shih Yin is inspiring us to search, to clear and to listen to our hearts. Are we ready for all the LOVE? I hope so." - M. McKenna, EHF Master, Toronto, Canada

"Quan Yin Speaks is a phenomenal book packed with wisdom, knowledge and instructions that are easily comprehended regarding the Spiritual Ascension process. Each and every one of us has Free Will choices as to how and on what path we select to return “Home”. This book has something for everyone. For those who are still searching and it provides confirmation for those who are aware and awake. The information in this book can be the “Turn Key” for the spiritual Seeker. All we need to do is to accept with an open heart, with love to further our individual journeys." - Linda Beaucage, BA, OM, EHF Master (Bwaun Equa Meskwaawaabikaag – First Nation Shaman)- Ohio, USA

"Once again Shih Yin successfully proves herself as writer and spiritual healer as she delivers the message in her book Quan Yin Speaks. Although the processing of information in this book could be challenging and overwhelming to the human experience if read with an open mind one realizes the message is simply unconditional Love. I wish to thank Shi Yin for a powerful and informative read. It is time for each one of us to embrace the Soul and reconnect with the everlasting Divine."  - M. Kilgallon, Toronto, Canada

"Shih Yin delivers a beautiful, loving message through Quan Yin Speaks. The moment I held this book I felt the loving energy of light and it touched me beyond words. I could barely wait to step into my path of self-discovery. As I read each page I experienced a greater heart expansion guided by Quan Yin’s loving words of wisdom. I am deeply honored and filled with gratitude to have the opportunity to have this book as a guide to my human journey. This book is a great blessing for walking the path of transformation and healing leading towards awakening our Divinity within." - Sylvia Underhill, Alliston, Ontario, EHF Master, Reflexologist

"In Quan Yin Speaks the goddess speaks to us with the echoes of ancient wisdom. That thread of truth which has been passed down to humanity by initiates throughout the ages has resurfaced in the gentle words of Quan Yin, words that will resonate deeply with those who are guided to read the book. This is a book that leads us to understand the deeper levels of Consciousness and consequently to more easily access the Divine by bridging our physical bodies with our Souls. Shih Yin with the guiding hand of the Goddess has written a book that is both instructional and inspirational." - Erika Allen, EHF master, New Market, Canada

"In Quan Yin Speaks, I have learned what it is to understand who I am and why I chose to come here at this special time on the Earth Plane. The greatest revelation for me is that I am Loved beyond my wildest dreams despite all that I have done. The healing and lightness that I feel in myself brought the peace I have been searching for. With deep gratitude I thank Quan Yin through Shih Yin for gifting us with this knowledge." - Barbara Sutherland, EHF Master, Brampton, Canada

"In our soul’s journey on earth, we come to a point in our lives where we ask, why are we here? What is my purpose?  We begin to ponder life as we know it and the process begins, there must be more to life, than what we humanly understand.  “Quan Yin Speaks”, is a book to enlighten your spiritual path.  It is the beginning of a roadmap that helps you to understand why you are here.  Easy to understand analogies and explanations shared by Shih Yin helps provide more clarity and understanding of what you may be experiencing at this time. The universal consciousness is shifting and rising, causing us to become more aware of who we are and where we are heading. A must read!" - Maria Presta, Operation’s Manager, Brampton, Canada

There has been a shift and it has begun to manifest in the mainstream.  Movies such as "Lucy" and "Interstellar" continue to add emphasis that we are beings who are not just physical, but have access to an alternate reality -- the 5th Dimension.  After 26,000 years are we finally given the answers to the time-eternal questions:  why are we here?  In this book, as spoken through Shih Yin, from the revered Avalokiteshvara, Quan Shih Yin, Goddess of Compassion, are not only the answers to the past, but also to the future.  We are evolving as a species.  The Doors have been opened and we, after thousands of existences, are given the opportunity to recognize that we are at our core, Beings of Light.  However, the full embodiment of light is a process, and even this is carefully explained.  This book is invaluable for those who wish to start their journey to the New Reality, and for those who have begun.  We are all students.  Dr.Nadine French, MD - EHF Master Teacher, Orangeville, Ontario.

Quan Yin Speaks is a beautifully written book with analogies, archetypes stories that helps to give more clarity. It helps the human mind to create a framework of understanding for concepts that can be a challenge to describe. It illustrates comparisons so simply explained that the reader is left with a profound sense of remembrance, a willingness to move forward with purpose and a deep sense of gratitude. We are all left with the question :"Are you ready?" I highly recommend this book. It was a fun read, packed full of wisdom and once you start reading you won't want to put it down!
Carol Anne Carrothers, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Kundalini Yoga Master, Erin, Ontario

I would say that this book is a must choice for those who are on a spiritual path and who resonate with the Goddess Quan Yin. The clarity with which She comes forth through her messenger makes me feel distinctly that She means to help and give us insight at a time when we need to adjust to the inevitable changes beyond our human control. This book is packed thick with information and I will gladly read it again and again to absorb all (Hopefully!) the data that is new for me. I noticed that the style of the author has become more professional, her experience shows.
Anna Trivoli, Italy

Crystal Lotus
Xlibris Corporation, 2011

It was time to share the messages that Jinna has been gifted by the Goddess and she was encouraged to gather the information into her third book. Crystal Lotus contains the messages of the Goddess Quan Yin and her guidance to help us traverse the challenges of our spiritual journey.  Since the Harmonic Convergence, we as humans have been on an incredible passage of spritual discovery and awakening.  Many channels have been sent to assist us and Quan Yin is just one for the Divine Feminine. She brings us some of the tools we need to heal ourselves and ease our transition in the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies as we head into the ascension process. This book is a resource book for anyone choosing to travel the path of enlightenment and it is a study manual book for those taking the EHF courses.

"The information in Crystal Lotus has a profound truth which deeply resonates with me. So much is given that I needed to read and reread to fully absorb it."  - Erika Allen

"Crystal Lotus is an amazing road map for humanity on their way to Ascension. It is written in a way so everyone will understand very complex concepts with ease.  This book is not just an intellectual exercise, jinna has committed to the path of Quan Yin with all her heart and it shows in every sentence. She is speaking from experience and we all can benefit greatly from her wisdom if we choose to do so. the choice is ours."  - Karin Goldgruber (North Bay, Ont)

Jinna has captured the essence of the human race moving from the 3-Dimensional sight to the 5-Dimensional insights. Crystal Lotus shows a significant part of what the Harmonic Convergence is all about and how loving spirits like the author can help us through it. Thank you, Jinna!
Marianne Padjan, Reflexologist, Reiki Master - Port Credit, Ontario

The first two books resonated with me because of my own life experiences. Crystal Lotus really enhanced my awareness of the energies. Every time I reread it I see something different that helped me on my healing journey. I can't wait for the next book.
Barbara Sutherland, EHF Master,  Brampton, Ontario

Of the books in the Lotus Trilogy, Crystal Lotus is the most practical. You read it as a manual where each chapter is a profound healing meditation. Not only that but the author takes your hand and guides you through it as she tells you about the effects of these meditations on herself. Again the author acts as a Way-shower whom you can follow if you so choose on a transformative spiritual path of enlightenment. I would welcome and audio book edition.
Anna Triolo, Italy

Jinna's Crystal Lotus book is the third of her Lotus series in which she describes the transformation that is presently upon us. Crystal Lotus describes a transformational path she has been shown to ascension and transformation into the crystalline body. I found Crystal Lotus easy to understand and it provides a useful guide to the transformation process that is affection all of us.
The Hon. Dan Kochi, EHF Master, Honolulu, Hawaii

I have the great privilege to experience the energy of what Jinna has developed through her connection with the Goddess Quan Yin. Through this work I was introduced to the evolutionary process of Ascension. It is a transformative journey of self-healing through an energy healing within a deep meditative state. Many who are also on this path will recognize the need to re-frame the Ego-Self and the clearing and energizing of our Chakra system. In Crystal Lotus we are given the guidance and directions for working toward the great Shift in Consciousness. It is a refreshingly clear manual that will produce authentic results for those willing to do the work of Self-transformation. Expect it to become a quickly dog-eared book, as it has become for readers in Canada, the US and abroad.
Nadine Locas-French, MD, EHF Master Healer, Orangeville, Ontario.

 Cover art by Carlos Rubio

Lotus Child
Authorhouse, 2009
The first book in the Lotus series story, Lotus Child is written as a fantasy interlude that weaves strands of Jinna's childhood experiences and spiritual wisdom.  The result is a tale of a wounded child's journey into awareness of self.

"With this prequel to Lotus Emerging, we explore the roots of beloved lotus.  Sometimes with apprehension, sometimes in awe, we follow as the intrepid, creative child at the centre of the story evolves into an adult.  Qualities of determination, courage, curiousity, inovation and receptivity to guides, both in spirit and human form, propel Jena towards ever new horizons.  Read Lotus Child to laugh, cry, and ultimately, to understand."  - Maureen McKenna, BA, Reiki Master, Spritual Counselor, EHF Master Teacher
"Jinna van Vliet is an extremely gifted soul who seduces the reader with a heart-wrenching story of much pathos, courage, insight and beauty; while instlling in each of us Universal Laws and many spiritual lessons on our human journey.  She reminds each reader through her story how we are blessed and enlightened by our difficult struggles and how such lessons provide growth and knowldege as we journedy to our spiritual Home.  Her lessons are given with much love and compassion and we are all eagerly anticipating her next book and the next, and the next."  - Doreen Riley, Spiritual Counselor
"As Ayin (Jena) grows from a seed to a seedling to a sapling stalk, the author takes us through the many of our childhood challenges.  She narrates the successful journey of facing hardships and obstacles that will contribute to the child's development into a compassionate and caring human being.  The book lays the foundation for the eventual awakening of Self and empowerment for spiritual evolution into a higher vibrational form.  I look forward to reading the next chapter in the development of the Lotus Child."  - Roger Robineau, B.Comm., MBA, Financial Manager

"Lotus Child is a charming book. I loved the way the two elderly ladies imparted their wisdom in such a lighthearted and yet deeply profound way. A beautiful book."  - Erika Allen

"I just finished reading Lotus Child and I just love this story! Jinna thank you so much for writing this beautiful story. I really felt like my inner child was connected with the child in the story and also felt very connected with one of the elders. There is so much wisdom in this book, it helped me see why we go through the trials of life in order to learn the life lessons. It clarified many things about my own childhood and why I made the choices along my way. I always felt the presence of God, protecting and guiding me even though I did not fully understand it as a child. As I read the book I felt as if I was really present in those far away places experiencing different cultures I have not been exposed to in this life time. Thank you again for this beautiful gift."  - Charmain Gagnon (North Bay, Ont)

Cover art by Carlos Rubio

Lotus Emerging- first edition is now out of print.
Lightworker Publications, 2006
Jena is now an adult and Lotus emerging is written as an autobiography based on real live situations of the author and her friends. Jena has immigrated to Canada and has fully integrated herself into North American society. She has everything she has ever dreamed about and yet, there was something missing.  After a serious illness and a 'phantom death' experience she found herself awakened and advancing speedily on the spirtual path.  Years of reading, study, and attending seminars revealed her strong connection to Quan Yin and other Goddess energies.
"Once in a great while a book comes along that seems to bring together all the answers to our endless questions.  You are holding such a book in your hands.  In Lotus Emerging, Jinna leads us through an honest search for truth that has astounding answers for us all.  This is a must read for the enlightend seeker."  - Steve Rother, spokesman for the Group Remember (
"With this book, Jinna has given us a wonderful tool to help in our journey to the Light.  Having been along for a small part of her journey, I am in awe of the commmitment and perserverance she shows.  She is a model of the knowledge she so graciously shares, whether it's her openness to new vistas of experience, her compassion or her delightful sense of humour.  Life in her sphere is always a joyful adventure!"  - Maureen McKenna, Reiki Master and Certified Spiritual Communicator
"In this time of great shift in consciousness, many who are trying to make some sense as to why they are being buffeted and tossed about by unexplainable emotional chaos, may have light shed on their experiences and answers to their questions in the pages of "Lotus Emerging" describing Jinna's tumultuous journey to enlightenment."  - Dan Kochi, EHF Master Teacher (Honolulu, Hawaii)

"I enjoyed reading Lotus Emerging. Reading about Jinna's journey I was able to deal with many of my own questions regarding my own life's journey. Through the guidance of the Divine Feminine Energy in her story we gain the understanding of the Life Lessons we are all experiencing in our present life time. The many aspects of her journey was like a beacon of light that shone upon my own spiritual path and has provided the road signs for a seeker such as myself. She is a gifted teacher, a friend and a blessing to walk with through this challenging human journey." - Sylvia Underhill (Alliston, Ont)

"In reading Jinna’s book “Lotus Emerging”, I find great validation by reading her story and find a great sense of hope to move forward despite all my daily challenges. With a new perspective, I am able to bring more joy and love into my life."  - Manon La Rose, Reiki Master, EHF practitioner, Bilingual Customer Service Operations / Spécialiste en Opérations de Service à la Clientèle (Brampton, Ont)

Cover art by Carlos Rubio

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