The Goddess Quan Yin has powerful messages to help us in healing ourselves by tapping into the stream of the new energies.  She is our guide towards and during the ascension process.
Jinna has channelled Quan Yin since 1995 and has coalesced this knowledge into the creation and delivery of the Energy Healing Facilitator (EHF) program.
Jinna has agreed to be a guide for anyone who chooses to walk the Goddess Path of ascension within the Overlight of the Goddess Quan Yin. The following is a quick overview of what the path is all about.

Quan Yin Lotus Path

There are many paths to enlightenment but the Goddess path is not an easy one to traverse. It is full of challenges of a game board and yes it is a game of illusions. However the Goddess has send many helpers for those who ask for assistance. The path reveals all the emotional and mental sufferings a human consciousness can handle. Like the Lotus plant the human plant has to learn to navigate the different layers of consciousness. The first challenge is the dark and thick mud of emotions and thoughts. Once the plant is able to gain the wisdom that the mud contains the nutrients for its growth it will embrace the heaviness and harvest its clear fluid. The path then begins to wind its way through the lighter layers of water through which the young stalk or shoot has to grow. The goal is to grow forth towards the frequency of air above the surface of the pond. Once the young shoot is able to navigate its way and break through the surface it will experience the new reality of air and sunlight. In other words the human consciousness has grown into a higher level of understanding and ability to begin to live within the Light of Love consciousness. Ascension is but the process of ascending into the higher frequencies of Consciousness where Love is the only thing that matters. 

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