To all seekers of enlightenment,

Blessings. Throughout the year, Jinna is hosting a number of sessions following Quan Yin's Path to Enlightenment. This multi-day journey is taking place over a number of days at 13500 Highway 27, Nobleton. The sessions are presented as Quan Yin's Ascension pathways (QYAP) for those interested in Acceleration of Spiritual growth and Quan Yin Mastery sessions for advanced participants. These are one day or 2 day sessions once a month during the year of 2019. Classes contain more UPdated information and guidance towards the energies of transmorphation of Consciousness while still in human form here on Earth. Each program is a process of acceleration to assist the traveler to build the path towards higher levels of  Consciousness based on the information channeled from the Goddess Quan Yin.
For more information regarding times and dates and all registrations please email Jinna directly at or 1-905-859-9123. 

The book QUAN YIN SPEAKS is now available at DAYLYN healing center
at 16655 Yonge st Unit 31, New Market, Ontario. (905)895-8445.
It can also be purchased directly from Jinna.


2019 - Events
Unless specified, all sessions are held at
13500 Highway 27, Nobleton , Ontario.   
Please register with Jinna for all sessions held at this site.
Space is limited at this location.

All sessions cancelled

All sessions cancelled

Sunday- March  10 - 10 AM
Quan Yin Ascension Path (QYAP ) - $60 per session + pot luck lunch
This is the continuation of a series of classes presenting the why, how, when, and where of the The great shift in Human consciousness.  We are all experiencing the changes in our lives at this time line whether aware or not. Inner healing is the priority for those choosing to walk the Ascension path.
Please register with Jinna for space is limited. (905) 859-9123 

Wednesday March 20 - Cancelled
Full Moon meditation - 7 PM

Saturday - Sunday- April 13.14, 9 AM
EHF Level 1 class taught by Masters Teachers Grant and Erika under supervision of Jinna. Please register with Jinna asap.

Friday - April 19
Full Moon meditation - 7 PM

Sunday - April 28
QYAP 2019-2
10 AM - 4 PM
Please register with Jinna 


May 14 - 24
Jinna in the US 

Sunday May 26
QYAP 10 AM to 3 PM
Please register with Jinna

Jinna in Europe

Saturday the 13th and Sunday the 14th
EHF level 1 taught by Master teachers Carl and Sylvia under Jinna's guidance.
Please contact Jinna to register.



Saturday 14, 10 AM to 3 PM
Space is limited. 

master lee.jpg    

Master LEE CHI WAI                     

Mr. Lee will be teaching about advanced Chi-healing meditation to enhance the Chi exercises to prepare the physical body.                                                                     

If interested please contact Jinna (registrar) for more information                      

Sunday - Oct 13
Full Moon meditation - 7 PM 

Tuesday - Nov. 12
Full Moon meditation - 7 PM