Quan Yin Blog -June 2017

Shih Yin

June the 6th month within the linear human time line is another significant crossroad point on the path of human evolution. It is a halfway point and provides the traveller with another set of crossroads. One of the numerical value of a 6 is choice of crossroads. It goes into three sections of choice. One to go ahead and continue on the path of enlightenment, two to take a break and enter a still-point of rest and three to turn away from the challenges of the high road of Ascension. As mentioned before, each choice taken by the human partner is honored by all the Soul teams and angelic supporting guide teams.

This month in the year of 2017 has another important message for all who are choosing to continue with the journey of evolution into higher Consciousness. We have reached another point of NO-RETURN as we are faced with the 3 crossroad choices. Not willing to choose as a human is considered a choice and the Soul-partner will step into position number 2 or 3. The point-of-no-return only means that until the end of the year each will progress within every NOW moment from the platform of choice.

The energetic waves are increasing in size and power as we enter the next phase of Evolution. Each wave carries code particles of Sound and Light vibration that resonate with your frequency of Consciousness based on each choice. Each wave carries energetic upgrades that can only be accessed within a NOW moment. To be certain of the NOW Moment it is advisable to be very mindful of the flow within the Mental and Emotional bodies. Note that the NOW moment cannot be achieved when the Amygdala is in an alert mode of FEAR. FEAR affects all the body layers, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Every layer is affected when the Amygdala in the brain shuts down all of the energetic lines that affect the Life-force energies from flowing smoothly.

For those choosing to step into the NOW moment the pathway enters the deeper inner chambers within the body. The changes, the rewiring, re-booting and reconnecting are happening from the inside out. Upon reaching the deeper layers there is an increase in the sense of detachment, a stillness of the Mind and a stronger connection to the Heart. There is a sense of quietness and peace, there is no longer the compulsive human need for multi-tasking in everyday life. At the same time there are waves of quantum awareness of our connection to the Earth-Mother and everything and everyone living upon her.

Remember the way our old cell/mobile phones use to be. They were much thicker, larger, slower and did not have all the high-tech options. Now imagine creating a new smart phone that is much thinner and lighter. Look inside the sophisticated wiring system and notice the difference. This new phone can now take pictures, have direct face to face contact with anyone you call and can be used as a full functioning computer system. It has a communication system that can connect anywhere in the world with a speed that could not be achieved with the old phones.

The same high-tech changes are happening inside our bodies. Technological knowledge is advancing in direct correlation with the speed of the collective spiritual rise in Consciousness. Notice the speed in which computer technology has grown within the last decade and notice how it affects the spiritual mind of the masses. As mentioned earlier we are on the brink of another major upgrade into the quantum field of technology. Skeptical scientists are quietly accepting the fact that Spiritual energies play a major role within our reality. DNA strands that were thought of as ‘junk’ are revealing their dimensional components and although it is not yet fully understood it will soon enter the age of quantum dimensional technology.

There is a physical response within human biology as these intense rays of creation rain upon us. The higher energetic frequencies affect the spin of atoms within our molecular structures of the lighter air we breathe to the denser flow of blood molecules and the slower vibration of muscles and bones. The changes in frequencies may result in unusual heat flashes, twitching, painful muscles, heart palpitations and changing food cravings. It will be different for everyone for we all have different body structures. The symptoms vary based on each choice of pathway and many may appear as allergic symptoms, cold/flu symptoms and multiple variations of infections. Eye, heart and head problems are also increasing especially when there is reluctance and opposition within the human psyche to ‘see, hear or accept’ the changes that are storming around us. The winds-of-change are increasing in velocity as we near the end of this year and reaching the point-of-no-return means that NO-thing can stop it. It has reached a momentum that is equivalent to a snowball that has begun to roll downhill and is now reaching the speed of an avalanche. No matter what the choice is it will affect everyone within the Earth’s realms of existence no matter what road you are on. Those choosing to enter the 1st inner high-road will be more sensitive to the subtle inner body changes and the rise of higher vibrations of energy within all body layers.

The most important fact to remember is to become aware of the Spiritual Ego for it is increasing its efforts of sabotage and persuasive manipulations. It is on a high alert and survival mode. It uses every tool it has to obtain its goal of complete control over the human psyche for it fully understands that it cannot maintain its ‘shadow-power’ within the brightness of a fully awakened Heart that is pulsing with unconditional Self-Love. Its target and focused attention is therefore geared towards those choosing the high-inner road of spiritual enlightenment.