The Human Seed

Shih Yin
October 27, 2016


The Goddess uses the analogy of the life cycle of the lotus to mirror the human cycle of spiritual growth in this scenario.

Imagine a lotus seed being thrown into a pond. The seed is like a pod that contains the living, germinated fetus with a dreamlike awareness. It knows that it is entering a different reality as it feels itself falling through the air and then is plunged into the heavier dimension of water. It begins its journey as it sinks deeper and deeper, traveling through heavier layers. These are layers where other living things are present and then deeper still into the murkier levels, where it finally comes to rest in a pocket of the thick mud.

Within the mud, the seed needs to think of survival and begins to send roots into the mud. The mud contains all the nutrients that the seed needs to grow. It knows that it has to root itself and ground into the mud. The roots learn how to suck up the muddy water and learn to process it within its root chambers into a clear sap.

Imagine the human as the “seed” incarnating into the physical 3-D world of heaviness. First thing we learn on earth is about how to survive. The mud represents the human environment, which include the choice of where to “root.” As we begin to root, we encounter the thick “mud” that represents our emotional and mental challenges as humans. Our choices are how we begin the process of alchemy, which entails the transformation of our “thick, muddy emotions” into the clear sap. This is a kind of energy sap that does not contain the emotional mud any longer, but the clear energies of awareness of clear light filaments such as love, forgiveness, tolerance, and understanding. It is only when we are able to change our emotions and our thought patterns from the muddy thoughts/emotions of revenge, anger, jealousies, etc., can the lotus stalk (our consciousness) begin to grow.

The young lotus stalk begins to harvest the muddy waters below, subtracting the clear nutritious sap to help it grow. It grows toward the surface of the pond, for it knows that the surface is where the light is. It learns to navigate upward through the challenge of avoiding predators in the water by surrendering its stalk to the water currents. It sways like the branches of a tree when blown by the wind. It chooses not to fight the currents, but instead, it allows the waves to rock it on its way up. Once it reaches the surface, the stalk knows that it takes a harder push to break through and enter the lighter frequencies of air. Sunlight and a whole new reality await the stalk, where it can begin to grow its leaves and finally create a beautiful new lotus flower that can enjoy the sun and the blue sky above.

The human plant faces the same challenges. We are growing within a reality of 3-D duality layers beginning with the “mud” of our emotional and mental states of awareness. With the great shift, we have many options when, where, and how fast we wish to travel. Harvesting the “mud” is nothing more than realizing that anger can be healed and transformed into the clear, nutritious “sap” of peace by invoking the alchemy of forgiveness.

As the lotus can reached the surface of the pond and begin to bloom, so too can the soul in human form reach the higher levels of consciousness. All it takes is intent to step onto the chosen path of enlightenment and the willingness to put out the effort of transforming the heavy emotions into that of forgiveness and peace. Once the initiative has been put into play, the mental and emotional body undergoes a shift of perception. We begin to accept that we have the same body model and have the same red blood cells flowing through our circulatory system. We see the broader picture that we are all part of one Earth family.

The main message of the Great Shift has often been misunderstood. As humans we have finally agreed as a Mass Consciousness to ascend into the higher vibrational levels of existence while still in human form. The message was broadcasted as “Bring heaven to Earth.” In order to accomplish this, we need to acknowledge our oneness with the Earth Mother and anchor our awareness within her structure. Gaia, the Earth Mother, is our reality of existence, for without her, we cannot exist. As mentioned earlier, we are born of the Earth Mother. The four earth elements that flow and blow within her are the same components that flow in our blood stream. Entering the Oneness and accepting our part with the four earth elements prepares the way for the entrance and the merge with the fifth and higher elements that are part of the “heaven” component of the shift. As we, in our ignorance, pollute the Earth, we also pollute our very existence. Gaia, the living Earth Mother, has agreed to take us with her as she begins her process of evolution into a higher vibration. She is a powerful living essence and is beginning her Great Shift as she initiates the cleansing of her mantle. Since we are part of her, everything she goes through, so do we, and vice versa. We and all living beings living upon her form an interconnecting web and experience all the changes of the shift together as one unit. It is time for us to understand and face the truth of our existence upon this beautiful mother planet. It is time for us to realize that we are all one and enter into the consciousness of unity.