About Jinna

Jinna began her spiritual Journey as a member of the Windsor Edgar Cayce Study Group. She went through a classic spiritual awakening process after the Harmonic convergence and discovered her connection to the Goddess Quan Yin. She extended her Spiritual journey by continueing her studies under many teachers throughout the years including a session at the Atlantic University. She began to write her books when she discovered that her life story could be of benefit to other like-minded spirits and thus her main focus is to be of service to anyone who is willing and ready to ask for her assistance.
She is a twice ordained Minister. A Spiritual Minister certified by the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Steward Congregations and a Metaphysical Minister by the Lightworker Corporation. She has guided meditation circles for many years before branching out and becoming a certified Spiritual Counseling instructor.
Besides being a Reiki Master, Jinna is certified in many other Modalities as well, such as EMF (Electro Magnetic Field Balancing). Healing Touch, Aromatherapy etc and she is also a certified Dream Walker, one who consciously walks both sides of the veil and offer guidance for the departed souls.
She is the founder of the EHF (Energy Healing Facilitator) program. This is a high frequency energy Healing Modality based on the channelled messages from the Goddess Quan Yin. The message of the Goddess is the need for intense healing before anyone can tap into the stream of higher frequencies that can lead into the higher levels of consciousness. Jinna is offering The Goddess Path to all who are choosing to enter the Great Shift into consciousness and enlightenment.
Jinna has published 4 books. 3 of the Lotus series, Lotus Emerging , Lotus Child and Crystal Lotus. The fourth one titled QUAN YIN SPEAKS is written under her pen name of Shih Yin. Her books can be ordered through her e-mail. jinna.vanvliet@gmail.com
Jinna has conducted many workshops and retreats both in the Energy Healing area and the Spiritual Awareness Field within the US and Canada. She welcomes contact with like-minded people you can reach her at jinna.vanvliet@gmail.com.